Tuesday, March 21
1:00 – 2:00 pm ET 

Presenter: Sheri Andrews-Key (PhD Candidate, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan)

As the climate continues to change, forest ecosystems are experiencing stresses that have not been seen in the historical past. These changes are impacting many facets of forests in Saskatchewan and will have implications for forest practitioners and industry in their efforts to achieve sustainable forest management (SFM) objectives and goals. With this in mind, on a national level, the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) has recommended that it is essential to consider both climate change and future climatic variability in all aspects of SFM. Policy and management practices need to evolve in the face of an evolving climate. What does a changing climate and its impacts on forests mean for industry?

Mistik Management Ltd. manages 1.9 million ha of boreal forest in northern Saskatchewan. Mistik is dedicated to practicing responsible forest management that provides sustainable wood products and maintains healthy ecosystems and communities. Mistik realizes that in order to do this sustainably for the future, ongoing climatic changes need to be addressed. Current and future risks of Mistik’s management area, including both the biophysical and management aspects of their practices, need to be incorporated into forest management plans. Adaptive management tools and techniques are essential for Mistik to continue to adapt to the rapidly changing climatic conditions. A vulnerability assessment of their management area using the CCFM Guidebook is currently underway. Through this assessment, Mistik’s adaptive capacity is also being analyzed. Based on the vulnerability assessment and the analysis of their adaptive capacity, we will work with Misitk on incorporating the results into their 20-year forest management plan.

In this presentation, Sheri will provide an overview of the main components of this project and then will explain the work by Mistik and take you through their progress and process of doing the vulnerability assessment.

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