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Observations of Climate-Related Impacts to High Latitude and Elevation Forests (Northwest Territories and Rocky Mountain National Parks)

Thursday, January 19th
1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

Presenter: Roger Brett (Forest Health Supervising Technician, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre)

There is an ongoing warming trend occurring in Canada and historic climate records indicate the northwest is warming at a faster rate than most other regions. Due to the warming trend, there has been an increase in direct and indirect climate-related forest health impacts throughout the Northwest Territories and Rocky Mountain National Parks. It is suspected that these changes have not only been occurring over the last few decades, but have been especially prevalent in the last 10 years. The issues observed during annual aerial and ground surveys appear to be increasing in type and extent, especially at the higher latitudes. These include high water tables, permafrost melt, large fires, slumping, drought, sun scald, wind, snow, large fires, and pest range and behavior changes including the increased significance of normally secondary pests.

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