By Ted Weick and Faron Anslow

September 10th, 2013 from 1-2pm EDT (please note the time zone)

Description: British Columbia shares its high-relief topography and diverse climatology with the northwestern United States. Over the past four years, the provincial government has enhanced its understanding of the climate of BC in partnership with other network operators and academic groups. It has done so by consolidating information from public and private weather observing networks to enhance the official record maintained by Environment Canada.  Using the network of networks approach to compile and analyze data is new to British Columbia and Canada, but undertaking said approach is leading to real opportunities to incorporate science into planning.

In this presentation we will outline the data-contributing networks involved and how we addressed the challenge of combining information with differing operational standards and requirements.  We discuss efforts to enhance public access to the data, including a map-based web application for downloading point observations and gridded climatologies. We discuss opportunities to use the consolidated data to improve climatological products.  Finally, we conclude with a discussion of new opportunities to extend the scope and product offerings of the program.

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