Check out this intriguing webinar from the New York Academy of Sciences:

Innovations in Supply Chain Traceability
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 pm EST
Presented by the Clinton Global Initiative and the New York Academy of Sciences

According to the UN Global Compact, corporations rank supply chain practices as the biggest challenge to improving their sustainability performance because of the scale and complexity of global supply chains. The opacity of these multi-layered systems and the lack of direct control over suppliers further down the chain make it extremely difficult for companies to monitor and ensure compliance with high environmental, health and safety standards, and respect for labor and human rights in their operations.

Supply chain traceability — the process of mapping a product or component’s path from raw material to finished good — is therefore critical to identify and manage social and environmental risks along the supply chain, and advance sustainability goals.

This Webinar will convene innovative thinkers in supply chain traceability who are using cutting-edge technology and data analytic solutions to create greater transparency in global supply chains.

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