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If you are a member of the Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP), register now for this upcoming webinar:

Green Resilience: Adaptation + Mitigation Synergies

Wednesday, December 21st
3:00 – 4:30 pm CST

Climate change mitigation and adaptation planning are typically treated as separate efforts. Yet there are measures that yield both climate change mitigation and adaptation benefits, what CCAP refers to as “Green Resilience”. In this webinar, Steve Winkelman will provide examples of Green Resilience measures in the energy, transportation and water sectors. He will summarize the benefits of Green Resilience including:

  • Increased return on investments in mitigation, adaptation and infrastructure,
  • Increased revenue sources for implementation, and
  • Enhanced climate benefits of infrastructure investments.

Steve will also share thoughts on how Green Resilience measures can help advance implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions and attract climate finance such as through the Green Climate Fund.

Steve Winkelman, Director of the Adaptation and Transportation Programs at CCAP, has more than 20 years of experience in sustainable transportation, urban planning, clean energy, climate policy, and critical infrastructure resilience.  Steve has assisted leading local governments to “Ask the Climate Question” when making critical infrastructure and land use decisions. He researches and promotes advance “Green Resilience” measures that reduce GHGs and enhance climate resilience, thereby increasing return on climate and infrastructure investments. Steve has led expert workshops on transportation and climate adaptation for NOAA and critical infrastructure resilience for Washington DC.

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