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Financial Tools to Support Adaptation: The Development and Implementation of Stormwater Charges and Fees 

Tuesday, January 26th 

1-2 pm ET

Municipalities are struggling to pay for their stormwater infrastructure needs, particularly in light of a changing climate. As a result, many municipalities are examining different financing mechanisms in order to better maintain, upgrade, and adapt their stormwater infrastructure to the extreme weather they are currently experiencing and expect to face. Such mechanisms increasingly include a stormwater charge. To date, the City of Mississauga is the largest city in Canada to introduce a stormwater charge. This presentation will outline the process of how Mississauga determined the most appropriate and fair type of stormwater charge for its residents and businesses, challenges in developing and implementing the charge, common themes in the public response, and how the City has responded to make the charge both accepted and effective. The presentation will also examine how the stormwater charge has provided a good opportunity to engage the public in conversations about climate change adaptation, and how the charge has enabled adaptation work within the municipality.

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