An article at says that water issues caused by everything from drought to flooding have hit food and clothing manufacturers hard.

“The Gap cut its profit forecast by 22 percent after the Texas drought killed much of the year’s cotton crop, Reuters said.

Kraft, Sara Lee and Nestle have all announced plans to raise product prices after droughts and floods drove up commodity prices.”

These and similar problems are forecast to intensify as global population grows while climate change impacts increase.

According to the World Resources Institute “water consumption has been growing over twice as quickly as the global population,” a figure which is raising alarm bells as the world population races towards hitting 7 billion on October 31.

The article also describes the impacts of extreme flooding in Bangkok on Toyota and Honda, both of which have had to halt production.

Here in Canada, farmers in the Prairies have made claims for both flood and drought in the same basin in the same year – a highly unusual occurrence.

ACT warned of the need for planning for extreme weather in our 2009 report “Climate Change Adaptation and Extreme Weather.”

Our current report, “Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance,” outlines guidelines for decision makers planning for the impacts of climate change projected for water supplies such as those outlined above.