Source: The Sacred Water Project

Source: The Sacred Water Project

If you are interested in a discussion about the privatization of water and water as a human right and sacred gift, this talk is for you.

The Pacific Water Research Centre in the Faculty of Environment at SFU is pleased to invite you to a free public presentation and discussion presented by Dr. Stephen Scharper, School of the Environment, University of Toronto.

Water and the Sacred: The Flow from Commodity to Gift
Thursday April 7th
7:00 pm

SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W Hastings St, Room 1900

In recent years, the privatization of water, including its bottling and marketing as a commodity, has been heralded as an effective measure to help ensure clean drinking water in future. Such commodification, however, has been opposed by ethicists, religious leaders and First Nation communities who claim water is both a human right and a sacred gift. With over 780 million persons today lacking access to drinking water, and increased threats to clean water owing to climate change and environmental degradation, the contemporary water debate is indeed a matter of life and death for much of the world.

Key, but sometimes overlooked, elements of this debate are the underlying assumptions and worldviews, which infuse this conversation.  From Hindu scientists who advocate the protection of the Ganges for both its ecological value and divine nature, to Pope Francis, who has declared access to clean water an “unalienable right,” this presentation will explore various tributaries of this debate, and tap into the sundry underlying worldviews and assumptions from which it springs. The blending of human rights concerns with religious and cultural worldviews embracing the sacredness and spiritual power of water, Dr. Scharper suggests, may well represent one of the most important movements of our time.

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