We are proud to share Vancouver’s Water Narrative: Learning from Copenhagen and Rotterdam report written by ACT intern Ronja Sorenson in collaboration with Vancouver’s Green Infrastructure Team.

This report investigates how far Vancouver has come in its efforts to update its water management methods. It uses indicators associated with an Australian approach to defining a “Water Sensitive City” to assess the kind of advancements needed for Vancouver to practice truly holistic management of the urban water cycle. The Water Sensitive City concept advocates for holistic management of the urban water cycle in order to protect and enhance the health of receiving waterways, reduce flood risk, and create public spaces that harvest, clean, and recycle water. This report draws on a comparative analysis of how the European cities of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) have achieved significant advancements in water management, in order to identify recommendations for how Vancouver could advance towards becoming a Water Sensitive City.

See here for the full report.