If you are interested in Canada’s National Climate Strategy, see below for information on a grassroots organizing response:

Climate Convergence Meeting 
Wednesday, February 17th
7:00 to 9:00pm
Grand Calvary Church 1801 East 1st Ave (off Commercial Dr.)

On Thursday, March 3rd, in Vancouver, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold the first round of meetings to develop a National Climate Strategy with all of the provincial premiers.  The meetings are being held in conjunction with The Globe Series. “The GLOBE 2016 Leadership Summit and Innovation Exposition”, held every two years in Vancouver, hosts business, policy, and civil society leaders working to address pressing global challenges with business and technology solutions.”  This includes many of the leading fossil fuel corporations and their executives.

Whatever their claims of civil society representation we know that neither the conference nor the Climate Strategy meetings will represent the voices or interests of indigenous peoples, workers, students and just ordinary folks in general.  Therefore activists from climate convergence are proposing a people’s climate assembly on March 3rd around the theme of Jobs, Justice and the Climate outside the convention centre where the meetings are being held.  The focus is on conveying a positive message about the path away from climate destruction and the genuine just transition to a fossil free future that the climate justice movement represents.

To plan action and get the broader input of climate justice activists and organizations we’ve organized a meeting on Wednesday, February 17th from 7 to 9pm at the Grand Calvary Church at 1801 East 1st Avenue (off Commercial Dr.).  We invite everyone to come discuss this event and the broader implications of Trudeau’s National Climate Strategy.  As part of this discussion we welcome input from all sectors of the movement and in particular invite supporting organizations and activists to share their responses and any plans they might have on March 3rd or in the lead up to it.


Meeting Agenda:

1. Indigenous Land Acknowledgement and Welcoming

2. Introductory speeches and discussion (speakers tba) on the issue of the National Climate Plan and how the climate justice movement is and should be responding.

3. Proposal for a People’s Climate Assembly on March 3rd and discussion

4. Organizing – break out into 3 or 4 committees to plan the action (Action, Program, Publicity/Promotion, Coordinated Actions)

5. Report back from Committees

6. Next Meeting?

7. Open Mic

For more information, email