Waterlution presents “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the Bluer Good: Moving Towards a Sustainable Economy”. An immersive workshop on water metrics and innovation”, a two-and-a-half day on-location workshop for 50 interested individuals.

When: November 22 – 24
Where: Outside of Bragg Creek, Alberta
Who: Individuals working or interested in corporate responsibility or water/natural resources.
Workshop is open to all living in Canada.
Workshop Host: Karen Kun – Director and Co founder of Waterlution

You have the passion for moving water issues ahead. You understand the need to make the case for sustainable water practices and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Now, it’s time for you to acquire the rigorous tools to make a lasting impact. At this one-of-a-kind immersive workshop, learn how to build and lead hard-boiled and effective CSR water-based initiatives. What are the lessons from some of North America’s most successful water innovations? What measurements and metrics have been developed to move the corporate world to action? How are sustainable business practices being embedded to stand the test of time? Learn from North America’s brightest thinkers and build your network with like-minded leaders, the very people who can help move your emerging career to another level.

The program will focus specifically on industry, as it is Canada’s biggest water user. There is great potential for increased water efficiency across industries and Canada needs decision-makers with the knowledge and motivation to achieve this. Individual stakeholders, institutional investors, and consumers are increasingly looking to environmental management and resource use as an indicator of sector viability. Waterlution is pleased to bring together the latest research and metrics with water and business leaders for this workshop. Join us to develop the skills of young Canadian leaders in water, business and related fields about what Canada’s corporations are doing, and how they can continue to improve their practices into the future.

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