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Environmental flows provide the foundation for healthy and functioning aquatic ecosystems, fisheries, and the human livelihoods that depend on those ecosystems. Protecting environmental flows is a complex process that involves preserving several dimensions of natural flow regimes, including the quantity, timing, and quality of water flows.

In this webinar, speakers Brian Richter (Chief Scientist, Global Water Program, The Nature Conservancy) and Deborah Curran (Hakai Professor in Environmental Law and Sustainability & Program Director, Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria) will share insights on the critical importance of environmental flows protection and how to achieve it in Canada. The discussion will highlight international leading examples and practices to protect environmental flows and will focus on the potential of BC as a new regime for environmental flows protection is contemplated as part of the soon to be in force Water Sustainability Act. The speakers will also provide insight on how environmental flows are dealt with in law, and on the reforms needed to implement a comprehensive protection regime.

This webinar takes place Wednesday October 14th at 9:00 am PDT.

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