Tracing Social Inequalities in Environmentally-Induced Migration

The conference series on “Environmental Degradation, Conflict and Forced Migration” is a partnership project of the European Science Foundation (ESF), the Bielefeld University and its Center for Interdisciplinary Research. It explores the causal relationship between environmental damage and forced migration as well as the correlation of both phenomena to conflicts and their repercussions. The series started in 2010 with three consecutive biennial conferences.

The conference 2012, titled “Tracing Social Inequalities in Environmentally-Induced Migration”, concentrates on the societal backgrounds of this interplay and is meant to integrate a social inequalities perspective into current debates.¬†The event takes place from 9-13 of December 2012 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld. The European Science Foundation website has further event and registration information.

Working Group to End Global Poverty

BC Council for International Cooperation hosts a coalition of organizations and individuals that meet monthly to increase cooperation and information-sharing on themes, issues, or events that engage and mobilize the public to end global poverty and inequality. This working group arose from the Make Poverty History campaign.

A Conference on Migration and Global Poverty is scheduled for Saturday, October 13, 2012 at University of British Columbia in Vancouver . See the call for proposals for potential speakers.