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Check out the below information on Resilience 2017, the Conference Board of Canada’s upcoming conference on preparing for hazards:

Natural disasters are on the rise. Are we prepared?

As human infrastructure continues to grow and spread, so too do the risks posed by natural hazards including wildfires, flooding, extreme weather, and temperature fluctuations. And as we’ve seen in recent years, disasters focused in urban areas can be absolutely catastrophic. While it is impossible to predict natural events, the lessons learned from recent events can provide invaluable insights into building resilience to a variety of future hazards. So how prepared are we now? And where do we go from here?

Join us April 25-26, 2017 in Edmonton for Resilience 2017. At this year’s event, you will gain insights into issues such as implementing resilience in infrastructure, the insurance industry perspective and risk management, wildfire threats and their economic and social impact on both urban areas and remote communities, and how social media has evolved to play a significant role in the response to emergencies.

View the agenda today to see some of the sessions we have planned. Join us to hear speakers such as:

  • Stéphanie Durand, Director General, Emergency Management Policy and Outreach, Public Safety Canada
  • Chris Graham, Assistant Deputy Chief, Emergency Management, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo 
  • Dr. Satyamoorthy Kabilan, Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight, The Conference Board of Canada 
  • The Hon. Danielle Larivee, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Service Alberta, Alberta Municipal Affairs 
  • David McGown, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives, Insurance Bureau of Canada 
  • Dr. Michael Flannigan, Professor, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta 
  • Shane Schreiber, Managing Director, Alberta Emergency Management Agency 
  • Jean-Philippe Tizi, Vice-President, Emergency Management, The Canadian Red Cross
  • Brett Whittingham, Business Continuity and Emergency Planner, City of Calgary

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  • Evaluating Calgary’s Emergency Response Plan: Lessons from the Flood Part 1 – Webinar Recorded Sept.2, 2015
  • Evaluating Calgary’s Recovery Operations Centre: Lessons from the Flood Part 2 – Webinar Recorded November 17, 2015

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