ACT would like to take a moment to draw your attention to a fantastic Vancouver-based blog “Towards Recognition” which aims to raise awareness about the crucial topic of environmental migrants, sometimes know as ‘climate refugees’.

Towards Recognition was created by Dan DaSilva, an independent researcher and information specialist who works on the specific issue of environmental migration. He currently works in the refugee and immigrant services field in Vancouver. He holds an M.A. in International Development Studies from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Towards Recognition “would like to see ongoing formal and international recognition of environmental migrants in various forms, including an ambitious United Nations instrument. Each individual action, program, or policy initiative by governments, agencies, and organizations around the world which recognizes the link between the impact of climate change and human mobility is one step closer to this goal and a huge step forward for environmental migrants worldwide”.

We couldn’t agree with you more, Dan. The issue of climate refugees desperately needs to be addressed. Oxford University professor Norman Myers, estimates that numbers of climate refugees will increase to 150 million over the next 50 years, replacing war and persecution as the leading cause of global displacement.

Check out Dan’s blog for some great resources and information on climate refugee policy and issues.

ACT will be dedicating one six-month sessions to the investigation and exploration of issues and policy surrounding population displacement. ACT will study urgent considerations for Canada and other countries likely to become hosts to refugees, such as governance, employment impacts, health care and housing. For more information on ACT’s session on population displacement, click here.