A new project has just launched from Sustainable Prosperity:

Tooling Up For Climate Change: Economic Instruments for Action

This project, based on research undertaken for Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform, examines the ways different levels of government and other decision-makers can use economic instruments to support the uptake of adaptation actions in four sectors of importance to Canada: forestry, infrastructure, real estate and ecosystem services.

This research comes at an important time. Already, the impacts of climate change are affecting our forests, urban infrastructure, real estate and ecosystems. From increased frequency and severity of wildfires, to stressed water infrastructure, from cost increases in real estate, to altered ecosystems, these impacts present both risks and opportunities for businesses, governments, communities and individual Canadians. To reduce these risks and take advantage of opportunities, Canadians must adapt.

This website features various economic tools organized both by level of government (federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal) and by sector (forestry, infrastructure, real estate, and ecosystem services). This makes it easy to navigate the toolbox and find the exact resources you’re looking for.

This work also features ACT’s results from our June 2015 publication, “Paying for Urban Infrastructure Adaptation in Canada: An Analysis of Existing and Potential Economic Instruments for Local Governments.”

Check out the Tooling Up For Climate Change website here.