“It’s a chance to build a better, more resilient Canada. It’s a chance we can’t miss.”

As the world heralds the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, there is new hope that we can leverage the COVID-19 pandemic’s positive impacts on the environment to mobilize greater support for climate action while forging a resilient and sustainable economic recovery. 

To explore this opportunity, SFU interviewed ACT’s Deborah Harford and Merran Smith, both fellows with Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, to explore their views on how governments can choose to “build back better.”

Harford says, “Just like the pandemic, the solutions to climate change and environmental destruction lie in cumulative decisions being made by the global population. Flattening the curve of infection and reducing the trajectory of warming both require concerted, collaborative action by governments, industry and individuals.”

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