The world’s biggest ever hackathon against climate change is THIS WEEKEND and we need your help in Victoria (and around the world) to make it as big a success as possible!

Our objective is to unite all the world’s software engineers, product designers and technology innovators who care about climate change to come together and make a difference.

How do we do that? Well, we’ve recently confirmed the UN Climate Summit and UNFCCC as official global partners, joining WWF, Fauna & Flora International, Save the Children,, WeForest, Lead International, King Tides Project, the World Resources Institute, and dozens more non-profits and government challenge partners in 46 cities all around the world – they are all submitting problem statements and ideas that represent real-world climate challenges.

 This sets us up to make a huge real-world impact with what we build at #hack4good. Now we just need all of the best developers, designers and innovators to join!

I need you to help make this happen in Victoria, and around BC! (Details about the FREE Victoria event are here)

Take these 5 simple steps:

  1. Join the hackathon at
  2. Join the Thunderclap at (and share that you’ve joined!)
  3. Join the Facebook community to get all the latest news and updates (and share and re-share everything you like!)
  4. Personally invite your friends and contacts to attend (here’s an email template)
  5. Ask existing developer networks – email lists, meetup groups, tech spaces, co-working spaces, tech companies to help us promote via email and putting up posters

Let’s make sure every developer in Victoria and worldwide has heard about Geeklist #hack4good!

 This event is made possible by Rackspace and JustGiving, as well as incredible venue partners all around the world,global challenge partners, our amazing judging panel, and of course all of you who are working hard, rallying together every connection you have and uniting tech communities globally. Thank you!


Thanks for your support and looking forward to hacking with you this 12-14 September and making a huge impact on global climate change!


– Dan Cunningham

  Head of Geeklist Corps of Developers


P.S. Please forward this email on to anyone else who you think can help!


P.P.S. Check out #hack4good on Twitter to get a sense of the amazing global activity!


Dan Cunningham

Head of Geeklist Corps of Developers

djcunning on skype