It’s no secret that meat production is a problem for the climate.

Though some small-scale and more sustainable meat production does exist, the majority of meat produced in North America comes from huge feedlots of cows, chickens, or pigs. These feedlots use immense amounts of environmental resources and contribute greatly to exacerbating climate change.

In response to this, many entrepreneurs are exploring new types of protein that could replace animal protein to feed the masses. In this engaging and funny video from The Atlantic, journalist James Hamblin learns more about the alternative protein industry, all the various options now available, and how this industry is planning to overtake animal meat as the “meat” of choice for North Americans.

Watch the video below, or click here. 

Be sure to also check out ACT’s work on how crops and food supplies will be affected by climate change here in Canada. With the combined pressures of climate change and a growing population, finding ways to feed ourselves sustainably is a hot topic in climate change work right now.