Zurich Insurance Group Ltd, one of ACT’s valuable partners, published a green paper aimed at helping businesses and government prepare for extreme weather based on their research in the UK.  

As a global insurer, Zurich has first-hand experiences of how costly severe weather such as snow, flooding and storms, can be on various elements of a business; from disruption of a company’s supply chain through to property damage.

Merely reacting to instances of extreme weather is not enough; all businesses – whether a small business in a rural area or a larger company in the heart of the city – must prepare and adapt ahead of future weather extremes. Furthermore, it is a joint responsibility of the Government and local authorities to share knowledge, collaborate and provide advice where possible, in order to help businesses across the UK.

This ‘Green Paper’ is based on insight from senior officials in business and environmental organizations. Collectively, our aim is to safeguard the future of UK businesses and the economy – this Green Paper is a prominent step in that direction.

Download the PDF report.