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Unusually dry spring increases BC firefighting costs by double

An unusually dry spring in BC has caused firefighting costs to nearly double in comparison to the same period last year, with the BC forest service reporting 368 wildfires between April 1 and May 30 compared to 280 in 2008. The problem isn’t cheap: fighting the fires has cost the province $5.93 million fighting them […]


EPA declares ‘compelling and overwhelming’ scientific evidence GHGs are harmful to humans

In a groundbreaking announcement this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared that carbon dioxide and five other heat-trapping gasses are pollutants that endanger public health and welfare, stating that the science supporting the findings was “compelling and overwhelming.” Amongst other threats, the agency identified effects of rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and the […]


Death toll in Australian wildfires rises to over 180; highlights urgent need for extreme events adaptation planning

The deadly wildfires currently ravaging Victoria, Australia as a result of record high temperatures are a chilling example of the extremes scientists project will occur at an increasing rate as climate change accelerates. In a testament to the need for adaptation planning worldwide, survivors of the bushfires are demanding fundamental changes to the country’s emergency […]


Climate Change Leads to Increasing Conflicts between Humans and Tigers

The dawn mist was still clinging to the mangroves when the tiger struck. Mohammed Rasul Hussain, 45, had left his hut in southwestern Bangladesh at sunrise three weeks ago, with his younger brother, Sheraz, and paddled across the river and into the vast Sundarbans forest. They moored their boat and set off on foot to […]


Reports Paint Pictures of the Future of US Food and Water Supply

A congressional field hearing convened on May 27 in Seattle heard about threats to American food and water supplies through the release of a new scientific report. The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity in the United States presents the likely effects of climate change on the United States’ […]


Report Highlights the Effects of Climate Change on the BC Real Estate Industry

The David Suzuki Foundation and the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia have released a new report, Hot Properties: How Global Warming Could Transform BC’s Real Estate Sector. “The energy we use to build our cities, the energy we use to heat and power our cities and the energy we use to transport ourselves and […]

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