Embracing its identity as a coastal city in a changing climate, the City of Vancouver has launched the Sea2City Design Challenge to guide development and ecological revitalization in the False Creek Floodplain. Two design teams will be selected through a competitive application process to:

  • Provide comprehensive design package for a preferred conceptual coastal flood management approach for two sites in False Creek (Each design team will be responsible for two sites.)
  • Provide illustrative concepts showing where future coastal flood management approaches and/or structures could be developed along the currently unprotected portions of the False Creek shoreline
  • Participate in a one-day, inter-team design charrette at the conclusion of the Sea2City to apply lessons learned through the challenge process to a fifth site
  • Produce a final set of materials designed to inspire and inform the community and the city

Outcomes from the Sea2City Design Challenge will be:

  • Used to inform the next phase of our overarching Coastal Adaptation Plan
  • Further refined by us with project partners, Indigenous governments, stakeholders, the public, and coastal regulators

As a City of Vancouver project, the Sea2City Design Challenge application will go through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. The RFP is available for submissions until July 13, 2021 at:


The amount budgeted for the professional fees for Sea2City is between $175,000 and $225,000 per team. Total fees include all applicable taxes and expenses, including travel.

The City of Vancouver will support non-monetary benefits through a project marketing and communications program, including a dedicated project website, dedicated social media accounts, and regular project press releases to major national and international media outlets.

More information, including a project roadmap and the False Creek Coastal Adaptation Plan report, can be found here