PICS LogoThe Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and the Fraser Basin Council released a new report titled Integrated Community Sustainability Planning: Implications for Rural BC. The report investigates the application of integrated community sustainability planning (ICSP) by regional districts and small municipalities in rural areas of the province. It also examines key sustainability issues faced by rural BC residents as well as offers tools and recommendations for successful rural sustainability planning in BC.

The study, conducted by the Fraser Basin Council’s Smart Planning for Communities program and funded under the PICS Sustainable Communities research theme, finds that communities in rural areas of the province consider protecting drinking water supplies (80%) and pursuing economic diversification (60%) as the most important aspects of a successful sustainability strategy. Over one hundred local government elected officials and staff from across BC, along with academics and consultants, participated in surveys and focus group sessions as part of this research. Respondents also identified support from elected officials and community leaders (79%), access to funding (78%) and implementation costs (75%) as the most important factors for choosing actions for a sustainability strategy in rural areas.