Screenshot 2015-01-23 11.07.39Since 2009, the Canadian Water Summit has served as a collaborative forum for leaders from diverse sectors to share insights and advance a united mission: to build a sustainable water future for Canada.

In collaboration with the 2015 summit, Simon Fraser University is holding a student competition with entrants to be selected for presentation in Vancouver on June 25, 2015. The winning contestants will receive a monetary prize of $150 and be invited as guests to the summit.

The competition is open to any student or student group, to prepare presentations in either of two categories:

1. Creative videos, approximately 2-5 minutes in length; or

2. Research poster submissions.

Submissions should address the general topic of the water-energy nexus. Sub-topics could include issues that address the intersection of water, energy and food; agriculture; economics and investment; infrastructure renewal; social issues and more.

Submission Details 

Video submissions must be short original videos, of 2-5 minutes in length, of all genres including drama, documentary, artistic, animation, experimental, or any hybrid. Contestants may produce the video on a computer or mobile phone, or use full production crew. Submissions may be humorous or serious but should be thought provoking. The video should also describe any data that supports your ideas. Final videos must be submitted in mp4 format.

Poster submissions must be original posters sized to a maximum of 1.2 m wide by 1.2 m high. They should summarize, in a non-technical format, innovative ideas in the broad area of the water-energy nexus and be thought provoking. Posters may be hand drawn or prepared in PowerPoint, Illustrator or any other media tool. Final posters must be submitted in PDF format.


Posters and Videos will be judged separately based on (1) originality of topic, (2) how well the submission highlights the connection between water and energy (3) how well the submission communicates the importance of the chosen topic to Canada’s water sources, (4) the appropriateness of the solution proposed, (5) the quality of production, and (6) how well the submission draws and keeps the viewer’s attention.

Deadline for submissions is 4 pm on May 15, 2015. Submissions can be made anytime at

For more information contact: Leigh McGregor, Manager, Recruitment & Community Liaison and Faculty Advisor at