Nature-based Solutions

The third phase of ACT’s work on ecosystem and biodiversity health in cities in a changing climate is under development. We are currently working with key partner organizations to design engagement activities and gather key resources designed to advance strategic regional planning of nature-based solutions in southwestern BC. This project will bring together climate action experts, professional practitioners, all levels of government, NGOs, public sector organizations and the private sector to increase awareness and understanding and advance potential for uptake and implementation. The project will explore ways practitioners can collaborate to achieve transformational change with multiple co-benefits that are scalable and transferable. Watch this space for updates!

Biodiversity-led Green Infrastructure: Phase 2

Green infrastructure and nature-based solutions are gaining traction as their benefits for climate change adaptation and mitigation become better understood. Meanwhile, biodiversity loss is emerging as a global crisis that carries a similar level of urgency to climate change. Phase 2 of ACT's biodiversity-led green infrastructure project, which took place from 2018-2019, investigated ways cities can take a more intentional, regional approach to planning green infrastructure in ways that benefit biodiversity in a changing climate, while providing a host of other benefits.

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Biodiversity-led Green Infrastructure: Phase 1

Phase 1 of ACT's work on building biodiversity health while achieving low carbon resilience in a changing climate took place from 2017-2018, and examined ways local governments can collaborate across their borders through transboundary municipal ecosystem governance to support biodiversity survival in a changing climate, while gaining benefits for both adaptation and emissions reductions.

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