The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions presents “Smart Environmental Policy with Full-Cost Pricing” by ACT board member, SFU economist and professor of public policy, Dr. Nancy Olewiler.

When: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Where: Room A110, Social Sciences & Mathematics Bldg., University of Victoria

Live webcast:

Canada’s natural resources, ecosystems and wildlife are indispensable to the sustainability of our planet and economy. Despite this, both the public and private sectors do not adequately consider the environmental consequences of production and consumption when calculating their bottom line. There is a growing need for full-cost pricing, a system that adjusts market prices to reflect not only the direct costs of goods and services, but also their impact on our country’s natural capital. Dr. Olewiler argues that the onus is on the federal government to create the conditions for full-cost pricing to succeed.

This seminar is based on a recent paper published through the University of Calgary School of Public Policy available at

Nancy Olewiler is the Director of the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University. Her areas of research include natural resource and environmental economics and policy. She has published extensively, written two widely used textbooks (The Economics of Natural Resource Use and Environmental Economics), and produced numerous reports for the Canadian federal and provincial governments, including studies on energy and climate policy, natural capital, and federal business tax policy. Nancy is the Chair of the TransLink Board of Directors, and has previously served on the boards of BC Hydro and several of its subsidiaries. She is also a member of advisory committees for Statistics Canada, WWF-Canada, Sustainable Prosperity and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.  (PDF flyer)