The Low Carbon Resilience (LCR) and Green Asset Management Webinar gives a detailed explanation of LCR, discusses the  cutting edge Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative (ICABCCI), and outlines various LCR interventions such as green roofs and rain gardens. Presented by ACT ED Deborah Harford, the webinar gives participants:

  • A definition of LCR
  • The climate imperative for pursing LCR
  • An overview of the LCR conceptual process
  • LCR Synergies & Co-benefits
  • LCR Barriers & Opportunities
  • ICABCCI Survey #1 Results

The presentation is continued by James Lane, Manager of Natural Heritage and Forestry in the Municipality of York. Lane gives an overview and the imperative for asset management, and discusses other topics in depth such as:

  • Managing green infrastructure as an asset
  • Incorporating green infrastructure into an asset management plan
  • Creating and implementing a green infrastructure plan.

To listen to the webinar, please click here.

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