In the wake of Hurricane Florence and wildfires that have swept the United States, on September 24, 2018 over 200 organizations, scientists and elected officials released the #Stand4Forests platform demanding the protection of U.S. forests as a vital climate solution.

For the first half of 2018, over 25 environmental organizations and climate justice leaders in the United States worked together to collaboratively create the Stand4Forests platform. This inspiring group represented people from all over the US, who all offered their diverse perspectives, background, spirit, and wisdom to the conversation. Frontline communities and grassroots organizations, big and small non-profits, universities and institutes came together. Stand4Forests signers who were closely involved with the development of the platform included: Dogwood Alliance,, Center for a Sustainable Economy, Friends of the Earth, John Muir Project, Sol Nation, Justice Action Mobilization Network, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Mighty Earth, NRDC, Sierra Club, United Plant Savers, the Environmental Paper Network, Heartwood Forest Council, Wild Virginia, American Bird Conservancy, Dr. Bill Moomaw, Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley, Reverend Leo Woodberry, and Dr. Florence Anoruo.

While individual organizations, scientists, and leaders that have endorsed Stand4Forests may differ in regions, priorities, and tactics, Stand4Forests endorses are united by a common goal: We seek a world where we value forests more standing than logged. We stand in solidarity to call for forest protection, climate action, and justice for all.

For more information on the newly launched platform and events see here.