Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions will be hosting a panel discussion (September 17th) with experts from California and British Columbia on policy issues and lesson learned from over a decade of experience with carbon emission reduction policies. Join the panel of experts from California and BC as they untangle some of these policy issues: what has worked well in these systems, what hasn’t, and what obstacles remain? How effective has each policy been in reducing carbon pollution? What about regulation, such as a low carbon fuel standards or legislated closure of coal plants, as an alternative or complement to carbon pricing? And how can carbon-pricing be constructed so as to minimize impacts on key industrial sectors, lower-income households and food security?


Danny Cullenward, Stanford University
Michael Mastrandrea, Stanford University
Mark Jaccard, Simon Fraser University
Nancy Olewiler, Simon Fraser University

Moderated by: Sybil Seitzinger, Executive Director, PICS

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on September 17, 2018
WHERE: Room A104, Bob Wright Building, University of Victoria

For more information or to find a link to the webcast see here.