The Columbia Basin Trust is offering grant opportunities for registered non-profits, public organizations, municipalities, regional districts and Indigenous organizations that will strengthen environmental well-being.  Businesses may be considered depending on the project and its broad community impact. The project must not mainly benefit the interest of the business.


Projects should address one of the four project categories;

  • Ecosystem Projects
    • Enhance or conserve ecosystems and/or species of conservation concern.
    • Reduce the threat of significant invasive species to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
  • Climate Projects
    • Support adaptation to the impacts of climate change at community-wide or regional scales.
    • Make long-term contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at community-wide or regional scales.
  • Water Projects
    • Support the protection, enhancement or restoration of water resources that are important for species and/or ecosystems of conservation concern.
    • Carry out water quality and/or quantity research that is scientifically sound and will contribute knowledge to the management of water resources for the benefit of ecosystems, communities and watershed stakeholders.
  • Environmental Education Projects
    • Provide education to Basin residents that helps develop an understanding and appreciation of the natural world and motivates ecologically informed decisions and actions.

For more information on the application process and further details on the project categories visit in the Columbia Basin Trust website here.  Application deadline for the Environment Grant is September 13, 2018.