Read the latest on urban resilience in the Resilient Cities 2015 report!

The report summarizes the core discussions and outcomes of all the sessions throughout the three days of the Resilient Cities congress and captures the broader developments and new directions in the evolving field of urban resilience. It provides actionable advice for local governments to create more resilient cities; presents numerous case studies from around the world; and features two “Reality Check Workshops” which put the new adaptation tools and solutions to the test.

Resilient Cities took place in Bonn, Germany from 8-10 June and focused on finance, collaborative approaches, resilient infrastructure, disaster risk reduction, and data for resilience. The 6th global forum also introduced new topics, such as communicating resilience and resilient public health systems and brought back the Urban Food Forum for the third consecutive time.

Read the Resilient Cities 2015 report today to get a detailed overview of the event and catch up on the latest developments in urban resilience!

And, be sure to check the Resilient Cities website for their call for contributions to the 2016 Resilient Cities congress! The call opens October 22nd.