Metro Vancouver 2050: A Mecca of Biodiversity-Led Green Infrastructure

This workshop report presents a vision of Metro Vancouver as a mecca of biodiversity-focused green infrastructure in 2050.

On November 23, 2018, ACT hosted a workshop with Metro Vancouver-based professionals who share a common interest in advancing the connection between green infrastructure, biodiversity health, and climate action. The workshop included three presentations on climate change, biodiversity and green infrastructure planning that can be accessed from links in the report. Participants brainstormed ways that green infrastructure could be planned regionally and strategically, with the intent of reducing impacts on, or even enhancing, biodiversity health as climate change and land use alter the landscape of Metro Vancouver.

Through this process participants crafted a vision of Metro Vancouver as a biodiversity-focused green infrastructure mecca, and milestone achievements that would aid in reaching this vision. We heard inspiring and surprising ideas around potential shifts and adjustments in policy, law, economy, society and culture. In particular, we heard a resounding and unanimous desire for a more integrated, interdisciplinary, and regional approach to green infrastructure.

Metro Vancouver 2050

A Mecca of Biodiversity-Led Green Infrastructure

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