A new report outlines the important contributions that bees make to B.C.’s economy. This report commissioned by Vancity Credit Union and was prepared by Mark Winston, Professor at Simon Fraser University, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Dialogue, and also co-founder of ACT.

The report, Sweet Deal: The value of bees to British Columbia’s economy, found that B.C.’s bees are thriving with one of the highest annual colony survival rates in North America. While bee populations are declining worldwide, B.C. honeybees are thriving, helping to generate close to $500 million in annual economic activity. It also found the B.C. bee industry has the potential to grow by at least $50 million within the next five years.

Factors that contribute to the strong performance of B.C. honeybees include a high level of expertise among local beekeepers, robust extension and training programs from both government and the private sector and a high diversity and abundance of flowering plants upon which bees can forage for nectar and pollen.

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