header4The Centre for Natural Hazard Research will host a workshop co-organized with the SFU Adaptation to Climate Change Team and Natural Resources Canada to stimulate a national discussion about weather-caused and -triggered hazards that are changing in a warming world.

The workshop will:

  • examine current and likely future changes in the frequency and intensity of hydro-meteorological hazards due to climate change;
  • consider “Non-stationarity” of hazards;
  • define the needs of professionals for information about future changes in the frequency and intensity of hazards controlled or affected by climate;
  • examine the potential for national support for a program that documents changes in hazards and risk, and identify champions for such a program (IPC subcommittee?);
  • examine “Implementation” of climate knowledge into hazard and risk assessments;
  • be national (not regional) in scope;
  • scope best practices for professionals.

The workshop will be February 22nd 2016.

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