Registration is now open for Raincoast Conservation’s six-part ‘Connected Estuary’ webinar series, exploring how the Fraser River Estuary connects people, salmon, whales, birds, and other species across ecosystems.

The first webinar on March 17 explored the cultural and ecological importance of the estuary to the Indigenous Nations of the Lower Fraser River. The webinar discussed the extent of landscape change and habitat loss that has occurred since contact and the challenges facing the estuary today.

Other webinars in the series include:

Wednesday March 31 at 12pm PST – The Fraser Estuary – a mosaic of habitats for Chinook salmon will feature scientists active in the estuary and will share learnings about the importance of the estuary to juvenile salmon and insights into how we can restore habitat connectivity within the Fraser Estuary.

Wednesday April 14 at 12pm PST – The Fraser Estuary – Chinook and Southern Resident killer whales will explore the connections between the health of lower estuary habitat, Fraser River Chinook salmon populations and the recovery of the Southern Resident killer whales.

Wednesday April 28 at 12pm PST – The Fraser Estuary – climate change will focus on the threats that climate change poses to the estuary and how the estuary can facilitate climate adaptation. The webinar will explore how nature-based solutions and green infrastructure can support ecological resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Wednesday May 12 at 12pm PST – The Fraser Estuary – birds on the Pacific Flyway will discuss how the Fraser Estuary is linked to other estuaries and ecosystems along the entire Pacific coast of North and South America.

Wednesday May 26 at 12pm PST – The Fraser Estuary – conservation in the 21st century will discuss conservation decision-making tools that identify the most cost-effective strategies for recovering 102 species at risk of extinction. This webinar will also emphasize the need for bold and ambitious collaboration that can heal the mistakes of the past.

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