Register now for Feast and Famine- Solutions & Tools in Response to a Changing Climate in BC, a full-day workshop on December 1st in Richmond.

The ‘new normal’ in British Columbia is floods and droughts. The summer dry season has extended on both ends and we can no longer count on a predictable snowpack and reliable rain to maintain a healthy water balance in our watersheds. Annual volumes of water entering and exiting our regions are not necessarily changing; instead, what is changing is how and when water arrives – it is feast AND famine!

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A keynote presenter at this event is Bob Sandford, ACT’s senior water policy adviser. Bob is the co-author of ACT’s new book, “The Climate Nexus”, which looks at the nexus between water, food, energy and biodiversity in a changing climate and will be released shortly. Bob also authored ACT’s report “Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance.” This work remains relevant for both decision makers and concerned citizens to conceptualize how water needs to be managed in a changing climate. Check out this report here if you haven’t yet.

Bob is also the coauthor of the United Nations “Water in the World We Want” report on post2015 global sustainable development goals relating to water. His latest book, soon to be published, is titled “Storm Warning: Water & Climate Security in a Changing Canada.”