In October, the Vancouver Sun ran an article about US psychologist Kathy McMahon, and her blog Peak Oil Blues. On this blog and through her community tours, Kathy advocates adapting to, rather than denying, the advent of peak oil and climate change.

Kathy recognizes a growing anxiety amongst individuals and communities when facing the endlessly emerging impacts and challenges of diminishing availability of fossil fuels and the partner issue of climate change impacts. Her solution? Turn that anxiety into action plans for adaptation:

The most important part of adjusting…is to begin forming local communities of interest and plotting joint action.

We agree. ACT Executive Director Deborah Harford’s favourite quote is “The antidote to despair is ACTion.” And here at ACT we try to stay away from “doom & gloom” and follow a path we prefer to call “cheer & steer.”

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that we must develop complex thinking about the interrelated challenges of changing energy sources, stressed ecosystems and climate change.

With this in mind, ACT will release its third report, Energy: Climate Change Adaptation in the Low Carbon Economy later this month. The report will include actionable policy opportunities that decision-makers are both able to implement immediately and incorporate into their plans for a sustainable future.

It is ACT’s hope that this report will contribute to the dialogue and peer-help community that Kathy McMahon is facilitating online, as well as provide food for thought for all levels of government, NGOs, experts, practitioners, industry and communities.