Low Carbon Resilience

Low carbon resilience (LCR) is a lens that coordinates adaptation and mitigation strategies in planning, policy, and implementation processes. LCR strategies can have co-benefits for health, equity, biodiversity and community livability.

Low carbon resilience (LCR) focuses on developing integrated strategies that both reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and vulnerability to climate change impacts (adaptation).

We currently have a window of opportunity to plan implementation of LCR via coordinated actions, policies, pricing and planning approaches. Doing so will create win-wins, save time and money and avoid building in vulnerability to climate risks.

LCR in Local Governments

ACT has created the ICABCCI (Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative) with help from the Real Estate Foundation of BC. The ICABCCI is working with a network of BC communities to co-create resources that support advancement of the LCR approach in order to gain co-benefits while advancing climate action in BC and beyond.

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