In the spring of 2018, ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team) at SFU hosted a series of three meetings with professionals and professional associations (provincial and national) to engage participants in discussion about the role of professionals and associations in championing and advancing Low Carbon Resilience (LCR) approaches. The objectives of these sessions were to:

• Give an overview of the ACT LCR project and its process
• Learn about the concept of LCR
• Discuss LCR demands on professionals & the roles of professional associations
• Explore potential cross-cutting and profession-specific needs or approaches

Participants were invited into facilitated discussions that explored demands faced by different professions when integrating LCR into their areas of work. They also considered the similarities and differences across professional associations, and between provincial and national associations, that impact their opportunities to advance LCR.

To view the full report click here.

To read more about the LCR approach visit the 2016 report here.