The 2016 Livable Cities Forum took place September 12-14 in Halifax, and all presentations given at the Forum are now online.

In addition to other exciting and innovative sessions, Senior ACT Researcher Edward Nichol delivered two important presentations at the conference. Click below to see his presentations on:


Low Carbon Resilience: Transformative Climate Change Planning for Canada 
(Day 1 of the Forum, in the session “Finding the Synergies between Low-carbon and Resilient Communities”)
In this presentation, Edward explains the concept of low-carbon resilience and why it is a crucial way to think about climate change work. He also provide examples of how this concept can be implemented through avenues such as carbon pricing, resilient renewable energy, ensuring soil health, and responding to extreme heat.

Adaptation Financing for Local Governments in Canada
(Day 1 of the Forum, in the session “The Economics of Resilience: From Business Case to Financing”)
Here, Edward provides an overview of various economic instruments which local governments can use to fund or finance adaptation projects. These tools include utilizing possible internal revenues, seeking external revenues, and implementing innovative programs. An evaluation of these tools reveals recommendations, both for local governments and for other levels of government to advance and improve these tools.

To view the entire conference program and access all other presentations, click here.