Source: CBC News; Adrian Wyld/ The Canadian Press

Source: CBC News; Adrian Wyld/ The Canadian Press

Yesterday, the country received news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the first ministers had agreed to make a national climate plan. However, a much-critiqued piece of Trudeau’s vision is his assertion that pipelines need to be part of the transition to clean energy.

From Ricochet:

“Trudeau and the Liberals remain committed to the expansion of tar sands and other fossil fuel infrastructure. Amid all the talk of the importance of social license and sustainability, the government makes it clear that a driving priority, as Minister Jim Carr is fond of emphasizing, is to ‘get our resources to market.’

“The reality of the climate emergency, however, means that a government committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions cannot be all things to all people. There is no sustainable way to expand oil sands production, or coal or liquefied natural gas export.

“Trudeau’s pitch for pipelines plus wind turbines runs counter to the latest evidence from both economists and scientists. As Scotiabank’s CEO pointed out recently, the low price of oil demolishes the business case for new pipeline projects like Energy East. Furthermore, there’s an opportunity cost on investing in an industry on its way out like fossil fuels. In a recent letter, dozens of scientists call on the government to prioritize investment in clean energy technology, warning that Canada is already well behind in this field.”

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