Download the PICS NewsScan for 28 February 2012  produced by ISIS, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia in partnership with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS).

The PICS News Scan is a weekly summary of the major climate-change related science, technology, and policy advances of direct relevance to the BC provincial and Canadian federal governments and more generally to Canadian businesses, government and civil society.

Complementing the news scan is the PICS Briefing Note Service. This service provides timely and concise analysis, as well as suggested policy action, on issues related broadly to BC climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This week’s Climate News Scan includes:

Research Theme I: The low carbon emissions economy

  • World Climate Summit 2011 report released
  • BC study: We can break our addiction to all types of fossil fuels

Research Theme II: Sustainable communities

  • Buffer zones protect waterways from nitrogen pollution

Research Theme III: Resilient ecosystems

  • Climate change enables some species to thrive like never before

Research Theme IV: Social mobilization

  • Imagination, emotion, and values create behavoiur change

Research Theme V: Carbon management in BC forests

  • Mystery solved of dying yellow cedars