Environment and Climate Change Canada is seeking individuals to fill 14 positions on the Sustainable Development Advisory Council. The Council will begin in December 2020 and participants will serve a 4-year term with the possibility of renewal.

The positions will be for representatives of the following:

  • Provinces and territories
    • Northwest Territories (1)
    • Saskatchewan (1)
    • New Brunswick (1)
    • Prince Edward Island (1)
    • Newfoundland and Labrador (1)
  • Other representation categories
    • Environmental non-government organization (1)
    • Business organizations (2)
    • Labour organizations (3)
    • Indigenous Peoples (3)

Mandate of the body

The Sustainable Development Advisory Council is established under the Federal Sustainable Development Act and, as of December 1, 2020, will be modified by An Act to Amend the Federal Sustainable Development Act. Its mandate will include providing the Minister of Environment and Climate Change with advice on issues of sustainable development in addition to reviewing and commenting on drafts of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, which sets out federal environmental sustainability goals, targets and actions for a 3-year period.

Key activities

The Council will meet annually at the Minister’s request to discuss sustainable development in Canada. During public consultations on the draft Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, Council members will review and provide advice on the draft. In carrying out their duties, Council members will represent their respective constituencies’ interests, points of view and concerns. Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Sustainable Development Office will provide Secretariat functions.


Consistent with the Government of Canada’s approach to Governor in Council appointments, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change is seeking candidates through an open and transparent merit-based process. If you are interested in applying or for more information, please consult the Notice of Opportunity.

For more information, visit the Government of Canada website.