October 27 marks the release of ACT’s latest report: Low Carbon Resilience Interventions: Case Studies at the Building, Neighbourhood, and Community Levels. A compilation of comprehensive LCR interventions and associated case studies, this report gives readers a robust understanding of practical LCR application in communities.

While mitigation and adaptation have often been planned separately, there are major benefits to integrating them, using a lens referred to as low carbon resilience, or LCR. ACT’s Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative (ICABCCI) is exploring LCR in BC communities, but in order for local governments and professional practitioners to advance and apply LCR, they require examples that illustrate its use in practice while considering barriers and opportunities that may influence uptake of these approaches. This set of case studies, provides examples of LCR interventions that have been applied in Canadian and international communities at the building, neighbour- hood and community levels, with details of the benefits for adaptation and mitigation, as well as co-benefits, funding and financing mechanisms, and key considerations on implementation.

To read the full report, click here.