PICS is hiring both an Associate Director and a Researcher in Residence, Negative Emissions Technology.

Ged McLean, the Associate Director of PICS for the past two years has been a driving force behind envisioning and implementing the new PICS strategic research agenda. This includes the launch of their new Opportunity Projects and $1M Theme Partnership Program. PICS is now ready for its next chapter of growth and impact – to further deepen and expand the institute’s network of climate solution experts and leaders, who are working collaboratively on this most urgent challenge of our time.

As part of this growth, PICS is hiring for a new position, Researcher in Residence, Negative Emissions Technology, which offers an exceptional opportunity to be at the cutting edge of climate solutions research and engagement on negative emissions technologies. Part of the role will be working with the international team behind PICSs’ newly announced Solid Carbon Theme Partnership project, which plan to turn the greenhouse gas CO2 into rock, by permanently injecting it beneath the Earth’s ocean floor.

PICS has a mission to help Canada and the world drive towards net-negative emissions with adapted and resilient communities and ecosystems. They invite appropriately qualified candidates to consider joining their dedicated team.

PICS is located at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC. Both applications are due by December 1, 2019.