A series of webinars entitled the Local Climate Resilience Webinars Series covers planning, financing, and investment best practices towards climate resilience.

The third webinar in this series: How Big Data can Quantify Community Social and Climate Risks – from neighbourhoods to country levels takes place on October 16th. This webinar will demonstrate how to use big data to calculate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures at the neighbourhood level to quantify investment risks. ESG measures can now be captured at the neighbourhood level and are used to evaluate the stability, resiliency, and economic vitality of a community. The webinar includes Breckinridge Capital Advisors which are using this analysis to assess ESG risk in its municipal level portfolios.

Panelists include:

Suchi Gopal; PhD, professor at Boston University conducting research on spatial analysis and modeling, GIS, data mining and information visualization, and artificial neural networks.

Joshua Pitts; a data scientist and software engineer, with a focus on integration of unique data sets to model complex systems.

Andrew Teras; Senior VP and senior research analyst at Breckinridge. In his role, Andrew performs municipal credit analysis.

Michael Bonanno; VP President, research analyst and the municipal sustainability lead at Breckinridge. Bonanno performs municipal credit analysis and contributes the ongoing development of Breckinridge’s ESG frameworks.

To get caught up, the slides for previous webinars can be found here.

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