Living on the Pacific coast, should we be concerned that climate change is heavily impacting Antarctica and the Southern Ocean? A group of international scientists think so. They also think we need to look to our past to better understand what we might expect in the future. Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Environment is pleased to invite you to a talk and discussion to and out why. We hope to see you there!

Climate change is heavily impacting Antarctica and the Southern Ocean surrounding this icy continent. Parts of the Antarctic ice sheet are melting away raising sea-level by a few millimeters each year. The Southern Ocean is also warming which is a affecting the global ocean circulation and remote climate. This in turn is impacting the regional food web at southern high-latitudes. Surprisingly, Antarctic sea-ice cover has been slightly increasing over the past decades despite very large differences at the regional scale that we have yet to understand.

When: Thursday, October 25

Where: SFU Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings Room #1900

Presenter: Xavier Crosta, Senior Research Scientist Université de Bordeaux, France

Moderator: Amy Leventer, Professor of Geology Colgate University, New York

To RSVP (free) click here.