Join SFU’s Geography Department for a seminar on Sea Level Rise Projections with Coupled Global Ice-Sheet/Earth Systems Models. The seminar will be on Friday November 22, from 11-12 in RCB 6136.

Sea level rise from ice sheets depends closely on interactions between ice sheets and the surrounding Earth system. These interaction determine how forcings to the climate system (such as from anthropogenic climate influences) translate to ice sheet change, which in turn impacts the surrounding environment and forms the basis for important, yet poorly understood feedback loops.

In his talk, Dr. Fyke with describe the current state of knowledge of ice sheet/earth system interactions and feedbacks and describe emerging coupled ice sheet/earth system models, which will ultimately be used for sea level rise projections in support of global climate risk and adaptation actions.

Dr. Fyke is a Climate Specialist and Group Manager at Associated Engineering. He has 15 years of experience in climate science and applied climate services. He has a background in global Earth system model development, evaluation, and use, with an interest in coupling ice sheet models in Earth system models for sea level rise projections.