Pacific salmon face tremendous challenges, and with climate change and habitat loss impacts, it can seem overwhelming. The real question most of us have is simple: how are Pacific salmon doing? The answer…. well, it’s complicated.

2019 had the lowest ever return rates for Lower Fraser Sockeye, says Jason Hwang, VP of Salmon with the Pacific Salmon Foundation. At the same time, it was the best year many can recall for the Chinook fishery, say many fishing recreationally along the southern coast. Salmon have one of the great migration stories in the world, starting in freshwater as far as the interior of B.C., then migrating the Pacific and North Pacific, and after years they’re making the journey back. At every moment along the way, Pacific salmon are fighting for survival. Jason tells the story of salmon now and what PSF is doing to help Pacific salmon on their journey and how you can help.

Watch the full video below.

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