SFU’s Faculty of Environment will be hosting a one-day workshop titled Climate Change in the Urban Environment: Essential Steps to Enabling Resilience on November 8th. The course will be provided by one of ACT’s expert advisors Christine Callihoo MSc, RPP. Christine has more than 20 years professional consulting experience in land use and community planning, facilitation and engagement, and in research and policy development with a focus upon the natural environment, human settlements and self-determination; building community resilience.

The course will focus upon a few priority risks brought to the fore by the workshop participants, working collaboratively through the steps to enable climate resilient urban centres/communities. An emphasis in the workshop, participants will work through the steps, highlighting the essential questions to be asked, the steps to be taken and by whom.

Step 1: Initiate the process / project
Step 2: Articulate and assess the baseline (incl. trends and projections)
Step 3: Identify and prioritize risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities
Step 4: Develop and prioritize resilience strategies
Step 5: Finalize and share the plan
Step 6: Implement the plan
Step 7: Monitor, evaluate and adjust (ongoing)

All participants will receive pre-reading materials to prepare to ‘set the stage’ for the workshop.

If you are interested in registering for the course see here.